If you’re a taxi or uber or car driver, your car is more than just a car – it’s a way to lead your livelihood. Taxi driving intends to involve distant hours and a lot of time driving in inner city areas, busy highways, which could pose a high risk of unexpected accidents.  So, any taxi driver likely to be covered far higher distance. Most drivers on standard car insurance policies always try to do that less often.  Because it carries a few extra risk in the eye of insurers. So, finding the right policy is always crucial for you. So, we are here writing for you to get a proper guideline when you are interested or wanted to get you taxi insurance.

But you seem very confused because you don’t know where to start and get the right value making insurance for you.   We are here to guide you on this topic:

  1. Choose whether you need private or public hire taxi insurance
  2. Pick between policy only, named driver and any driver options
  3. Check whether public liability insurance is included on your policy
  4. Compare multiple providers online through Gocompare.com to find the right product at the right price

We are going to answer certain questions that you are always wanted to know before getting your taxi insured.

Do I need taxi insurance?

Anyone who drives a taxi or uber or any car for profit, whether it’s a private car or anything. You will need a specific taxi insurance Standard car insurance will not cover you with its business use policy. You will need a taxi insurance.

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How to get a secure taxi insurance quote?

The biggest tip for getting a competitive taxi insurance quote is to compare online with the other insurance provider. If you are driving a taxi, or private car (for business purposes) in New York and want secure insurance quotes, you can go for Taxiland Brokerage. Our very friendly associates are going to be there for consulting with your insurance criteria’s.  There is a number of insurance provider available online that specialize in taxi insurance. By using these services, you can easily compare and find a better policy for you.

How do you find out what types of taxi insurance you need?

The type of taxi insurance you need will depend on individual circumstances. It depends on whether you need cover for the individual driver(s) or fleet cover, and on the sort of vehicle you want to insure, but the two broad categories are private hire and public hire. Sometimes it also depends on the location you are driving.

What is Public hire taxi insurance?

Public hire taxis can be hailed by the customers on the street. It doesn’t need to be pre-booked. This actually describes that it needs different insurance requirements for private hire vehicles.  Public hire cabs tend to be newer than private hire ones and the drivers older, meaning that some insurers may look more positively on them.

Public hire taxis can show a taxi sign and may be referred to as hackney carriages, and London black cabs are perhaps the best-known example.

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What is Private hire taxi insurance?

Private hire taxis need to be pre-booked so they can’t be flagged down on the road. The private hire taxi can’t able to display a taxi sign.

As renowned, it may, therefore, seem logical to assume that they’re seen as a subordinate insurance risk than public hire taxis, but because private hire vehicles are likely to be older and the drivers younger.

Do I need public liability insurance?

It’s not just your vehicle you’re insuring; you tend to need public liability insurance for taxis as well.

This comes with a standard feature. Taxi insurance policy covers you from the claims made by the customers in case they’re injured or suffer another loss while traveling in your cab. If you’re not covered maybe you need to change your insurance and get a better one.

Find out about taxi breakdown cover

When you are choosing your insurance, find out that you’re offered a breakdown. And which actually cover as a part of your taxi insurance quote. This might seem a convenient option but there is also a number of specialist taxi break down services you will find.

Always remember that it’s not a fact of saving money on the premium. So, always check that you got a breakdown services which will help you to get back on the road quickly and help you to get fare earning time.

Do you need to take DVSA driving test?

Some councils require you to have passed the DVSA driving test.  If you want to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle, and consequently you’ll be asked whether you’ve achieved this qualification. If you don’t, we have arranged a course.



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